Snapper with fish sauce

because of nature And tranquility is a good relaxation … When it comes to relaxation in Thai people's travels, there are many forms. including going shopping, watching TV, watching movies, exercising But if you want to fully relax Try to pack your bag Then go out to relax, see nature, listen to the sound of the stream, the wind blowing, the sound of the sea waves. with some tourist attractions

Dining room

If you are a buffet This place is second to none. With a 5-star hotel location, excellent service mixed with a variety of food dishes can choose to eat whatever they want to eat Especially in the seafood zone, there is a magnificent, satisfying creation of fresh seafood, the price is worth it" (By Khun, life in a cell is difficult)


Gold Angel Wings
Comfortable hotel in the heart of Hat Yai
Gold Angel Wings

brand new boutique hotel in the heart of Hatyai City.


Som Tum with Snapper

Fried Chicken

Fish Balls

Stir Fried Tofu


Superior Room

Deluxe Room

Family Room

Triple Room

Sing Goldenplace

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16/1 Phadung Pakdee Road, Hatyai Songkhla Thailand

074 232 333

088 258 9350

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